Grobal Development

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What is Matsuzaki?

マテックマツザキは切れ味を求めて3代100余年。歴史に裏打ちされた職人の高度なテクニックで、伝統・自信・誇りが詰まったこだわりの理美容シザーを創り続けています。 世界中の美容師の方々に愛され、夢と創作意欲をかきたてる信頼の逸品です。
Matteck Matsuzaki Co., Ltd. was established in 1898 in Tokyo, Japan and has been seeking the sharpness of hairdressing scissors more than 100 years of three generations. By very high technology based on the spirit of old craftsmen, we have been producing the high quality scissors having the tradition, confidence and proud. We believe that our products will be well accepted by all hairdressers in the world and also give a dream and creative motivation to them.


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Matsuzaki brand is not going to Internet sales. Please be careful to copy products.
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